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Anonymous said: You seem very adamant about posting anything about yourself, yet your reblogged a picture of your butt. What I'm saying is that there are tons of followers who would love to see your body and also respect it not being on your blog.

Thank you I think… That’s because it’s the one photo I let a friend have and you can’t really tell it’s me personally. I do have a selfies blog which I have said a few times, but I guess it’s a bit odd for me because I have a grand amount of 126 followers and some of them are people I know personally. They know what I look like, the users that message me and become friends also get the link, yknow? But I’m someone who wants people here for porn to enjoy what they’re reading and/or seeing without seeing pictures of me to ruin their experience. I’ll be honest as well, I’m pretty damn chubby. Like not a lot of people are attracted to that (do you KNOW how hard it is for me to find guys to date omg) and I am flattered by you saying that tons of my followers would love to see my body but I’m not so sure. I tell you what, message me off of anon and I’ll show you me. You’ll see why. But I’m also glad you respect why I don’t upload myself onto this blog, Although as for the ‘tons’ bit… If this is the same anon as before then you’re the only one that seems to want to see, if you’re the one who sent the previous anons too :) (this isn’t even counting the paranoia of my body and face being linked to here…) have a nice day :)

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Anonymous said: Is there anywhere you would post it for anyone interested to look?

First off what do you mean by it?

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True Love


True Love

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Anonymous said: How big are your boobs/pic?

I’m not posting boob pictures here but they’re currently a K-KK

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New to the DD/LG scene, and in need of new blogs to follow.
Pretty please like/ reblog this if you are a:

  • DD/LG, DD/LB etc 
  • Dom/ Sub
  • Master/ Pet
  • BDSM in general..

And all the rest!

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Anonymous said: I wanna deep sea dive in your girly thighs

Well someone is quite the poet, and well I could certainly do with being licked! ;)

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Anonymous said: You prefer it when guys shave their pubes?

A bit yeah. If not shaved then trimmed because I’m not one to get a guy’a pubes stuck in my mouth, it’s gross. I shave for the guys I’m with, so they don’t get pubes in their mouth and surely for hygiene and common courtesy it shouldn’t be rude of me to ask the same.

Chat 15 Aug 3 notes Staring to be more explorative
  •  Are there actually any doms that like chubbier girls with big boobs? Starting to explore being a sub more but I'm a bit curious to see if any doms out there would be into me, drop me a message if you would be interested in chubbier girls? (I'm not huge but I'm not skinny...) Just to talk I mean. I haven't found any who would be yet..
Photo 12 Aug 1 note Well, you did ask! :P 

Mmmm yay look at my fancy submission slapandjiggle

Well, you did ask! :P Mmmm yay look at my fancy submission slapandjiggle

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Anonymous said: Creampie?

Oh my God yes yes yes I love creampie, if only there was something more than the answer

Holy fuck take me now

I really love creampies, I so want one omg so kinky

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Anonymous said: Ass fucking?

Looks like someone has seen my selfies blog ;) and well, it has to be on that rating…

Holy fuck take me now

:* ;) xx




fuck no | no thanks | eeeh | not sure | I’d give it a shot | sure why not | omfg yes | there go my pants | holy fuck take me now

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things i don’t own enough of
• lingerie
• candles
• make up
• other useless things that will get me nowhere in life but I want them

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You can touch all the right spots.
You can say all the right words.
But if she doesn’t believe you.
If she doesn’t know you mean it…
She won’t feel a thing.

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