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"If a submissive lives with criticism, she learns to condemn.If a submissive lives with hostility, she learns to fight.If a submissive lives with ridicule, she learns to be shy.If a submissive lives with shame, she learns to feel guilty.If a submissive lives with tolerance, she learns to be patient.If a submissive lives with encouragement, she learns confidence.If a submissive lives with praise, she learns to appreciate.If a submissive lives with fairness, she learns justice.If a submissive lives with security, she learns to have faith.If a submissive lives with approval, she learns to like herself.If a submissive lives with acceptance and friendship, she learns to find love in the world.”


"If a submissive lives with criticism, she learns to condemn.
If a submissive lives with hostility, she learns to fight.
If a submissive lives with ridicule, she learns to be shy.
If a submissive lives with shame, she learns to feel guilty.
If a submissive lives with tolerance, she learns to be patient.
If a submissive lives with encouragement, she learns confidence.
If a submissive lives with praise, she learns to appreciate.
If a submissive lives with fairness, she learns justice.
If a submissive lives with security, she learns to have faith.
If a submissive lives with approval, she learns to like herself.
If a submissive lives with acceptance and friendship, she learns to find love in the world.”

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Training wheels have come off.

Being fucked is far different than making love…

…and this type of love never felt so good.

Omg so sexy

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Text 17 Jul I’m his whore

There’s no debate. From the second he asked me out, I became my lover’s whore, his plaything, his girlfriend and his partner. My cunt quivers just thinking about him, my nipples harden for him- I can even feel my cunt dripping for him! I’m laid here in bed, thinking of his hands caressing me gently one second then roughly pulling my hair to expose my neck, his hands resting on my waist then using them tightly on me for a grip as he fucks me… His eyes, looking into mine lovingly then afterwards revelling at my humiliation and pleasure by his hands. Then, his lips, curved into the smirk I’m definitely getting to know or in a smile, or maybe in a kiss. I can’t wait to touch him, to suck his cock, to please him. It feels like it’s steadily becoming my goal to feel his cock deep inside my pussy, deeper than I’ve ever felt before! I want him in my ass, where no man’s cock has ever been and when he does I can’t wait for him to tell me what a good little whore I am for my master, and feel his cock stretching me… It’s making me so fucking excited! But I also can’t wait to hear him next to me, to touch him with a loving embrace, to cuddle him, to kiss him, to be laid with him and be able to tilt my head back and kiss his jawbone as my fingers trace that sexy six pack. I am his girl, and I love it. He’s on my mind, he’s already got my body wanting him and waiting. It’s just a matter of time til he has my heart in the palm of his hand (as well as my leash in his hand). I can’t wait to be on the other end of that leash, as his whore, but with him as my dominant. I really can’t wait :D

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greenhouse, may 2014 by leonorvalente on Flickr.

Well would you look at this: they’re the world’s worst buttplugs. Unless you’re a huge masochist. Then they’re a trip to the hospital trying to explain how you convieniently ‘fell’ right after the shower ass first, and ass spread.


greenhouse, may 2014 by leonorvalente on Flickr.

Well would you look at this: they’re the world’s worst buttplugs. Unless you’re a huge masochist. Then they’re a trip to the hospital trying to explain how you convieniently ‘fell’ right after the shower ass first, and ass spread.

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Anonymous said: I respect your decision to not post a picture of yourself, I understand how hard it is sometimes to do that. Just keep being you. And if anyone tries to pressure you into posting a picture of yourself, which you're uncomfortable with, then shame on them. :)

Thank you very much, although really people keep using anon… I’m just an 18 year old I’m not gonna bite! (Much unless its kinky, if it’s sexy time then yeah but barring that no unless I’m really pissed off) but thanks :) really though it’s not as much discomfort, that’s the minor reason, the main reason is that I don’t want for people to see me and not like my stories or change how they see my stories, as I said I do have a blog of selfies. It’s just it ruins the magic of the stories, I’m not some 100% gorgeous godess, so I wouldn’t wanna ruin it for people and turn them off :) but again, thank you, if you wanna message me off anon we can chat if you’d like :)

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  • <b> </b> Right I've been thinking about the fact that you guys want to see my pictures, or a couple of you do. The funny thing is easily about 1/9 of my followers knows what I look like. I'm not a big blog, I havent even hit a hundred yet but thing is I reckon it'd be best off for me to not post my pictures here for a couple reasons, although I do have a blog with pictures of myself on it.(although I dont think I should give out the url people have found it before) But my reasons are mainly that people on here if they read my stories enjoy themselves daydreaming of the characters, and they imagine those as they like. Because of this, they have freedom in what they get off to, and could completely disregard my descriptions. I can't guarantee even one of you would find me attractive and it could cause you to not enjoy the stories I write as much. I'm also paranoid. When this blog first started I had pictures on here but after it hit about 20 followers I got very scared in case it was related to me. This is why I'm always very hesitant and I'm really sorry if you want to see but it's probably best off you didn't, I don't fit most people's ideas of attractive and I wouldn't want to ruin the experience of the stories for you, thank you though, I'm really flattered. This blog really does mean a lot to me you know, so thank you for reading, I'm sorry this was so long.<p><b></b> -Lexi<p>
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Anonymous said: Probably all of your followers want to see. Pretty please?

Haha what?? Really?? Gods above I really doubt it lol… Message me without anon, I’m curious as to who you are

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Anonymous said: Will you ever post pictures of yourself?

Haha on here most likely not as I’m thinking of doing commissioned stories soon :) who wants pictures of me though, it’d just isolate the people who don’t find me attractive

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Anonymous said: does sex feel as pleasurable as its said to be?

Hmm for a guy or a girl? Everyone is different which is why we all like different stuff, it’s why anal feels pretty good to me (I’ve only done it with a toy though). Obviously I can only say from my own perspective (do I need to clarify that I’m female?) And it depends on what you do, who with and the size of what’s going in. I’ve had a bit of an unlucky sex life, my first had thick but short cock which hurt like hell as I was virgin (and tight as fuck) and he was a virgin, so he didn’t know how to use it or how to make it feel good and made me ride (for fucking hours, and I’m not exaggerating) so that felt pretty painful. But, sex can feel amazing depending on what you do. Foreplay is a MUST MUST MUST, and makes sex feel great! But again, depends on the person (experience), the tightness of the partner (anal or vaginal), lubrication, comfort etc. (Sorry I’ve rambled on lol answer is basically it can be but it has varying factors) hope this helped (probably didn’t lol)

Chat 10 Jul A cute little update
  • At the time of writing 'fun with Danny' We weren't dating. He'd asked me to write it like we were however, to see how I wrote but, we are now actually dating which is super cute : 3 hopefully one day we can recreate the story however I wouldn't want to be that far away for so long :) yay!!
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mmm holy fuck he’s hot

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Text 4 Jul 2 notes Fun with Danny

I sat at the bar nervously, for the first time in months I was near my home town. My name is Lexi. I’m a student in her summer holidays, hoping to start university soon.

 I’m 5’3, a busty girl (36K-KK) with tanned skin, pale pink lips and hazel eyes. I’m pretty chubby too, with a rounded ass and thick thighs. I’d been a bit naughty tonight in preparation for him… I‘d come down to see my boyfriend and I missed him so much, so I’d used my dildo on myself before I came out, soaking my cunt ready for him, and I put a string of anal beads in my ass. I knew he liked it when I played with my ass for him, and I loved playing with my ass, so I thought he’d enjoy it.  

I uncrossed and crossed my legs yet again, letting the figure hugging dress adapt to my curves, hoping I didn’t make a wet spot. I’d also shaved my cunt, and foregone underwear so he could feel what was all for him all he liked. My mind was racing with the thoughts of when I last saw him, when he fucked me against a wall making me beg to cum, when I sucked his cock outside completely naked- even at the risk of being seen. He brought out a fetishist in me that I loved and revelled in.

Ordering a drink, I shifted nervously, jolting the beads inside me. Holding the bar tightly, I felt my cunt get even more needy… I needed him here soon. I needed him to fill my cunt. The bartender handed me a shot of Jägermeister, which I happily downed. It ran down my throat like a sickly yet sweet fire, setting me alight form inside… The way I hoped his cum would later. I couldn’t wait for his cum to fill me in all of my holes, for it to-


I span around, which immediately caused me to sway on the seat slightly. Lightweight I am not but clumsy I am. My hand had already started to trail down my thigh when I span, which I removed as quick as a lightning strike. He was here.

Danny is sex on legs. He’s not too tall, not too short, but with a smile that melts me every time I see it. He’s fairly pale, with toned muscly abs, with blue eyes that pierce your whole being… He was a bit of a bad boy, a bit mischievous and not afraid to use force on me in bed which I loved. his hair was fairly short but it suited him, just like his eyes and his smile.. Yeah, I was certainly lucky to have him even look at me!

“Danny!” I squealed happily, wrapping my arms lovingly around his waist, nuzzling my face in his chest. “I’ve missed you so much honey!”

I could feel his chuckle echo through his chest, and his arms squeeze me. I felt his voice, like the essence of sex, whisper into my ear.

“I’ve missed you too Lexi and I’ve missed your body”.

I looked up into his eyes, full of lust and attraction, scanning me up and down. As he was stood so close to me, I could wink at him and brush my breasts against his cock, through his jeans. His eyes flashed with a streak of mischievousness as his arms trailed down me to cup my ass. He squeezed my ass gently, reaching down and kissing my lips softly.  I purred in the back of my throat, pressing myself against his muscled frame and gripping his waist… I needed him now!

He pulled away from me softly, his eyes scanning me with amusement. Hair starting to get ruffled, thighs open with my cunt dripping across my thighs, my dress gathering at my upper thighs and my eyes shining with need, he had me exactly where he wanted me, with only one thing on my mind.

“Hey, mate, can you grab some Jägermeister shots for us?”

We downed the shots; although Danny is a cheeky fucker… he grabbed my ass as I was drinking it, making me splutter.

“Aww, does the princess need help with handling her alcohol?”

I glared at him playfully, swallowing the remained or the shot. I’ll get him back for that later!

We grabbed some drinks; his being a Jack Daniel’s and mine being a few Jägermeister shots. We walked to a secluded table in the back, and I decided to have some fun. I rolled my hips as I walked, knowing his attentions would be on the curve of my ass. Getting to the table and bending down to place the drinks on the hard surface, my hands had to tightly grip the sides as I felt his body press against mine. Pulling me up with a hand across my throat, half guiding me half forcing me up, he whispered in my ear from behind

“Tease me baby and you will see just how much I’ve missed you. I haven’t fucked anyone else, and I need your cunt wrapped around me. Right. Now. Now, if you think you’re a bad girl by teasing me, by all means, continue. You’ll get exactly what you deserve later- so don’t make me punish you… after all, we couldn’t want that, would we?”

Sitting down abruptly, I shivered, a small moan rolling from my lips- I’d jolted the beads. A smile raced his face as he slided in the seat next to me. It was a darkened corner at the back of the pub, a long leather sofa-esque seat. Sat together, I subtly put my leg over his, resting his hand on my thigh. His fingers glided towards my cunt, stopping in surprise when they touched my shaven pussy. “Where are your knickers babe?”

I smirked into the rim of the glass, looking across at him. “I thought I’d make things easier for you honey” I downed the drink in one, raising my eyebrow in surprise when I heard him chuckle “And what am I supposed to gag you with?”

I picked up the next shot. I caressed the glass with the tip of my tongue, gently twirling it around the rim of the glass, looking directly to his eyes.

“Honey, I want you to gag me with your cock till my mascara runs down my face and I can’t bear to not have you inside me.”

And with that, he wrapped his arm around me, tightly grabbing my waist, pulling me to him. Mouth on my neck, he nibbled and lapped at me, while my hand trailed down his chest to the bulge in his jeans. I rubbed his thick cock as I felt my body relax into him, his fingers almost cutting my hip… I loved it. I whispered a moan into his ear as my breath got heavier.

“D-Danny…” For that, I got a flash of teeth, making me gasp loudly.

 His other hand reached across our bodies into the cleavage of my bust, grabbing my breast softly yet passionately, his fingers working under the lace of the top of it to brush against my nipple.

I rubbed my hand gently over him, caressing his chest as my other hand worked on undoing his zip- I needed to feel his skin on mine, needed to feel his cock back in my hand! I pulled the zip down in eagerness. As I pulled it down, his hand on my breast squeezed me tightly, his anticipation evident. I could feel his breath on my neck, I could hear his moans from how my fingers twisted and stroked his throbbing cock.  I felt the smooth skin of his cock in my hand, which I gently stroked… After all this time needing him, I had him in my hand. The night’s I had spent awake, rubbing my clit, wishing for him to fuck me so hard I screamed… The time had come, and I couldn’t wait to be full of his cum. His cock felt perfect, just the way I needed it… I trailed my fingers with a feather light touch up his cock, gently massaging the head of it.  His lips caressed my neck while I revelled in pleasing him, as they travelled down to my collar bone, and further still to the beginning of my breast. I could feel the eyes of some people on us, and what a sight we must have made. My leg draped over his, with my pussy almost on show, with his hands gripping me to him and touching my breast, and his face about to touch my cleavage, with my hand stroking his thick cock- yet, I didn’t care. I didn’t care at all that they were watching- it had been way too long since I had anything inside me that I didn’t even care.

I dragged his hand from my breast down me to my thigh, squeezing my thigh with his hand under my own, and with that, he understood. His fingers caressed my thigh, trailing up me until he reached my cunt. His fingers gently rubbing against me, I moaned into his ear.

“M-Mmm Danny! Fuuuuck.. I need you… please?”

My voice had trailed off in a whispered whimper, when his eyes locked onto mine. His tongue licked my lips, and then he smoothly leaned forward so his lips were next to my ear.

“You need me? I think we need each other. Let’s go have some fun, I’ll show you exactly-“

His hand caressed my waist

“How much”

His cock throbbed in my hand, as I felt a small trickle of precum on my skin

“I need you.”

Our lips found each other’s as we kissed, softly in lust of what was soon to come as he hastily zipped his jeans over his erection, and I fixed the neckline of my dress.

We downed the rest of our drinks, standing up to go. His arm snaked around my waist as we walked into the more illuminated parts of the pub. As we were walking out, I felt some men’s eyes on me and evidently so did he, as he brought his hand up my body to my breast, groping it. I flushed and looked at him, pleading for him to wait till I could actually moan, to which I saw him smirk… The bastard!

Getting through the doors, I saw him crane his head back and mouth something to the guys watching, although I didn’t really care, I just needed him, now.

We got into a back alley, where I felt him as I needed him again. His hands were on me as mine were on him. His hands roughly pulled up my dress to around my waist, where he got on his knees. He spread my legs, holding my thighs open- my fingers pulled his hair. I felt his tongue spread my pussy lips, and felt his hands move around me to the curve of my ass, groping me. I moaned- I was in heaven. Feeling his tongue brushing my clit and his fingers roughly groping me, I shuddered. I loved the feelings he sent through me… It felt like liquid fire, shooting up my spine and in my abdomen, all I knew is it needed to be satisfied by his cock, although his tongue could definitely do the job. Suddenly, He stopped licking and pulled away.

I hissed in frustration when I felt him stop, looking down to see his blue eyes full of lust and amusement.

“Dannyyyy! Please don’t stop…”

His chuckle stopped my whining.

“Baby, what’s this?”

 I moaned loudly, jolting forward as I felt it shoot through me. He’d pulled the ring at the end of the anal beads.

I flushed a fluorescent scarlet as I averted my eyes.

“Umm.. umm…”

He got to his feet, his hands pinning my waist roughly to the wall behind me.

“Look at me.”

I looked at him, my face bright red, trying to explain.

“Don’t worry, I know you like your ass played with, and I think that this is probably because you’re a good girl and wanted to turn me on, right?”

“Of course!”

He kissed my lips softly, biting my bottom lip, when I felt his finger wrap around the beads.

“W-wait, Danny?!”

I felt his fingers start to pull the beads slowly, I felt them stretch me to get out. I felt myself stretch around the biggest bead… My moans could probably be heard from the bar. I dug my fingers into his back in need, I was lost to the sensations of him pulling out the beads and his voice in my ear.

“Mmmm baby I bet you like that, huh? I can’t believe you filled yourself with beads for me to pull out, although I probably should have spanked you first with them in. I wonder how that would have felt, how they would have moved when my hand slapped your ass… I wonder how many people would hear you scream for me. I wonder how many people are hearing you scream for me now?”

The beads came out finally dropping to the floor as I begged.

“Danny, p-please.. fuck me!”

“Ooh princess, I didn’t hear you. What was that?”

I would have been embarrassed but I didn’t give a fuck. “Fuck. Me. NOWW!”

With that, he pulled my dress up, spreading my legs stroking my cunt with his cock. I whimpered loudly, I needed him to fuck me.

Spreading myself open for him, I spread my lips and my legs, quivering. “Please don’t tease me…”

I felt him push forward, doing what we both needed. His cock filled me so deeply, it was so fucking thick.. so fucking good! I screamed in pleasure, my fingers raking down his back as he thrust in me. He fucked me hard, a hand coming up to hold my throat to the wall, pinning me there. Every thrust came with my muscles tightening around him, embracing him inside me. I wanted his cum inside me, I wanted to have him claim me… I needed him to make me his.

I bit his neck roughly, to which he moaned loudly, thrusting hard inside me three times and filling me with his cum. We kissed softly, enjoying the feeling of just having had sex and the anticipation for more that night as he pulled out of me, letting th cum run down my leg when we heard a voice.

“Well, that was a fun show, wasn’t it lads?”

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Hey! As all of you have most likely noticed, my stories are fiction. But, wanna know some truths about me?
Examples could be;
(And these are all true)
I love my nipples played with
I’ve never properly been licked out
I actually get really turned on giving blowjobs
I love my Ass being grabbed
I love dirty talk and am happy to dirty talk my partner(s)

Any more you’d like to hear/see or should I just not?

Love, Ignem xx

Haha i thought i should update this… I have been properly licked out now ;)

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Anonymous said: Can we get any pics of you?

Haha depends who it is and if you know me personally :P

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